Sites emblématiques menacés
Because History repeats itself...
2014Agora and Square VigerBois-de-la-Roche StablesCadieux SmithyCaserne LetourneuxHôpital de la MiséricordeMaison du CalvetRedpath HouseSchools on rue Adam St. Leonard CooperativeUnder observation: Eaton?s 9th Floor RestaurantUnder observation: Place des NationsUnder observation: Rodier BuildingUnder observation: Saint-Laurent block/Monument NationalUnder observation: Très-Saint-Nom-de-Jésus ChurchVan Horne Warehouse2013Cadieux Smithy Caserne LetourneuxEaton's 9th Floor RestaurantHôpital de la MiséricordeMount Stephen HousePlace des Nations Redpath HouseRodier BuildingSaint-Laurent/Monument National BlockSaint-Léonard CooperativeSir Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine HouseTrès-Saint-Nom-de-Jésus ChurchUNDER OBSERVATION: "Bonheur d'Occasion" (Workers') HousesUNDER OBSERVATION: BiosphèreUNDER OBSERVATION: Dow PlanetariumUNDER OBSERVATION: Empress TheatreUNDER OBSERVATION: Griffintown Horse PalaceUNDER OBSERVATION: Public BathsViger Square and Agora2012Bonheur d'Occasion (Workers') HousesCadieux SmithyEmpress TheatreGriffintown Horse PalaceInstitute of the Misericordia SistersRedpath HouseRodier BuildingSaint-Laurent/Monument National City BlockSquare Viger and AgoraTrès-Saint-Nom-de-Jésus ChurchUNDER OBSERVATION: 9th floor Eaton's RestaurantUNDER OBSERVATION: Dow PlanetariumUNDER OBSERVATION: Mount Stephen HouseUNDER OBSERVATION: New City GasUNDER OBSERVATION: Public BathsUNDER OBSERVATION: Sir Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine House2010Cadieux Smithy CIBC BankDow PlanetariumEaton's 9th floor restaurantInstitute of the Misericordia SistersLouis-Hippolyte LaFontaine MansionNew City GasRedpath HouseTrès-Saint-Nom-de-Jésus ChurchViger Square2009Agora de Charles Daudelin, Viger SquareCN shops in Point Saint CharlesDow PlanetariumEaton's 9th floor restaurantGuaranteed Pure Milk BottleLouis-Hippolyte LaFontaine MansionNew City GasPaper Hill SectorRedpath HouseSainte-Brigide de Kildare Church2008Ben's DelicatessenEaton's 9th floorInstitute of the Misericordia Sisters / CHSLD Jacques-Viger Montreal Planetarium Mother House of the Sisters of Saints-Noms-de-Jésus-et-de-MarieRedpath HouseSir Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine HouseStairs, balconies and cornicesThe CN shops in Point St. CharlesWilder Building2006Institutional properties on the southern slope of Mount RoyalLa Ronde Antique CarouselThe CHUM project on the Saint-Denis/Viger BlockThe Lakeshore and its landscapes2005Montreal?s Steeples Pointe Claire Village Silo No 5The Carmelites' Convent The Montreal and St. Sulpice libraries


Events and Heritage Montreal’s principle efforts since 1975

v. 1860 Decision by the Sieurs de Saint-Sulpice to preserve two of the towers of the Fort de la Montagne
1876 Inauguration of Mont Royal Park, created after citizens petition the city
1895 At the last moment, Château de Ramezay is saved from demolition
1929 Château de Ramezay becomes the first property to be classified a historic monument by the Government Québec
1960 Plans for an elevated autoroute in Old Montreal abandoned
1964 Old Montreal designated a historic district by Québec government
1971 Michael Fish and the Friends of Windsor Station save the train station
1973 Save Montreal is created following the demolition of the Van Horne Mansion
1974 The Montreal Society of Architecture awards the first Lemon Prize to the ITHQ building
Save Montreal begins offering architectural walking tours
1975 Héritage Montréal is founded to help groups like Save Montreal
1978 Participation in the first public consultation and call for ideas on the Vieux-Port
1979 Creation of the Jeunesse programme with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
1981 Launching of the annual home renovation courses
Inauguration of the storefront office, le Centre Urbain, open to all at no charge
1982 Save Montreal revives the Oranges and Lemons
1983 Organization of a conference on industrial heritage and the resident reappropriation of the access to the riverbank
1984 Participation in efforts to save McGill College Avenue
1985 Contribution to the Vieux-Port Plan and the realization of the Milton-Parc co-op project
1985-89 Summer courses offered with the Université de Montréal’s school of architecture
1986 Foundation of Les Amis de la Montagne in collaboration with Save Montreal
Preventing the demolition of the Redpath Mansion with Save Montreal
1987 Creation of Archibus (architectural discovery tours for young people) and the Master’s in Conservation (U de M)
Designation of Mont Royal as a municipal heritage site
1988 Support of Mont-Royal Avenue merchants
Contribution to the establishment of a public hearing process
Replacement of Save Montreal for the organization of Architectours
1989 Publication of a study on the conservation of old cinemas
Preservation of sculptures from the Queen’s Hotel
1990 Launching of Opération Patrimoine with the city
Successful participation in consultation sessions on Mount Royal
1991 Collaboration on the creation of the final version of Montreal’s master plan
1992 Héritage Montréal marks the 350th anniversary of the founding of Montreal with historic plaques and the production of 850,000 pamphlets
Efforts to conserve Windsor Station within development of the new Forum project
1993 Front line involvement in the fight to save Hôtel-Dieu
Participation in the organization of an international conference on public squares
1994 Creation of a coalition for public consultation
1995 Support of the formation of the Coalition Villa-Maria
Organization of a meeting on world heritage in Montreal
Public hearings on Heritage in the Year 2000
Participation in actions to save Jean-Talon Station
Conferences held in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)
1997 Publication of a study on the churches of downtown
1998 Advice to residents and property owners after the ice storm
Launching of the Great Heritage Calendar; 75 000 copies published
Participation in actions to save Sherbrooke Street
1999 Protection of Eaton’s 9e restaurant
Intervention against the Lépine project and for Mount Royal
2000 Participation in the creation of true consultation mechanisms for Montreal
Héritage Montréal’s 25th anniversary, 400 people participate in celebrations
2001 Participation in the State of heritage around the Lachine Canal
Obtained creation of the Conseil du patrimoine and the Office de consultation publique
2002 Participation in public hearings and in the Sommet de Montréal
2003 Key role in the protection of Mount Royal
Collaboration in the Master Plan and the Heritage Policy
Architectural Feature Columns on the website
2004 Launch of a heritage circuit of 15 interpretation panels in Dorchester Square
Montreal Heritage Network links for the first time over 60 heritage and cultural groups
2005 Creation of a handbook for introducing people to our religious heritage
Development of a heritage circuit of interpretation panels in Dalhousie Square
Participation in the Mount Royal consultation committee
Initial publication of a list of ten threatened emblematic sites
2006 Lectures on Le patrimoine à Montréal, les 30 ans d’Héritage Montréal as part of the Belles soirées events presented by Université de Montréal
Launch of the educational Web site Montreal InSites
Guiding principles for the McGill University Health Centre on the mountain
2007 Contribution to the discussion concerning the reform of the Cultural Property Act Guiding principles for the revitalization of Griffintown
2008 Publication of principles for high-quality urban development
Launch of Phase 2 of the educational Web site Montreal InSites
2009 The Guaranteed Pure Milk Bottle restoration project
Launch of the Dorchester Square and Place du Canada map-guide
Launch of the program of activities to celebrate the International Day for Monuments and Sites
2010 35th anniversary of Heritage Montreal
First edition of visits to Pointe du Moulin and Silo No. 5
Organization of the first metropolitan Agora for citizens
2011 Second edition of guided tours of Pointe du Moulin and Silo No. 5
Participation in consultations on the Plan métropolitain d’aménagement et de développement
2012 Third edition of guided tours to Pointe du Moulin and Silo No. 5
Interventions to save the area on Saint-Laurent north of the Monument National from demolition
Launch of Heritage Montreal’s List of 10 Threatened Sites
2013 Participation in consultations on the Sillery conservation plan, in Quebec City
2014 Special assembly to evaluate the Redpath House file and announcements of proposals for the Square Mile
Organization of an international symposium as part of Entretiens Jacques-Cartier: “Metropolis and its Institutional Heritage - The Issue of Repurposing”