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Redpath House



Heritage Value

Designed by architect Sir Andrew Taylor and built in 1886, this is one of the rare examples of Queen Anne architecture still standing in Montreal, with its red brick, its slate shingles, its many gables and its tall chimney.

The house is a vestige of Montreal’s fabled Square Mile, that section of downtown bounded to the north by the mountain and to the south by today’s René Lévesque Boulevard where Canada’s business elite lived in remarkable mansions. The Redpath House was built for John Redpath, the wealthy industrialist and builder of the Lachine Canal who founded the sugar refinery that bears his name. The Redpath family was one of the most influential Montreal families of the 19th century.


The Threat

In 1986, Heritage Montreal and Save Montreal obtained an injunction to stop the demolition of this historic building. Despite an out-of-court settlement between the parties, the building and the site, at least as far as maintenance goes, have been abandoned by their owner, who would appear to still hope to demolish the building to make way for high rise construction.


Current News

According to an article on March 5th, 2012 Le Devoir denounces the deplorable condition of the Redpath House.

A year after the Ville-Marie borough rejected a 7-story condominium project, the owner of the neighboring property, Moshe Eglander, is accusing the municipal authorities of laxness in the dossier, and is tired of seeing this historic building abandoned for 26 years.

However, as counsellor Alex Norris points out, “the city does have the tools to act. Last year, the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough brought forth an injunction in order to force the owner of a building located at the corner of Saint-Lawrence Boulevard and Pine Avenue to completely restore the dilapidated building. The construction is now in progress.”

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