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Protect our heritage by supporting Heritage Montreal!

A city without heritage is a city without memories. Let’s protect our heritage.

Accepting the idea of a city without heritage, is ultimately to accept living in a city without a soul, without a past and without memories!  Heritage Montreal was founded in 1975 to protect and promote the rich architectural heritage that defines the greater Montreal metropolitan area.

This year, in the context of an unprecedented pandemic that has had a major impact on revenue from our activities, your support will allow us to pursue our mission. Representing over 50% of our revenue, donations have a decisive impact on our capacity to fund our operations and our activities.


Your donation will help us attain our annual goal of $225,000, so that we can:

  • Create new programs and activities to educate the public and raise awareness about heritage
  • Fund our many advocacy activities among decisionmakers
  • Reach and mobilize more citizens through content on our digital platforms 
  • Develop tools for property owners and local communities and offer expertise for the development of forward-looking heritage projects


Please note that if you are making your first important donation to culture of $5,000 or more, you will receive an additional tax credit of 25% on top of the credit already in effect. A $5,000 donation could therefore only cost you $1,340. For more information, click here.


Give generously, according to your means:

  • $5 a month or $60 a year
  • $10 a month or $120 a year
  • $25 a month or $300 a year
  • $50 a month or $600 a year

By making a donation to Heritage Montreal, you are showing your affection for the rich architectural heritage of the Montreal metropolitan area. We thank you wholeheartedly for your generosity!

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View the testimonies of our ambassadors on Youtube (French only) .

Become a member

For many years, the Heritage Montreal Foundation has been proud to count on the support of hundreds of members who contribute to the development of a civic presence, added legitimacy and the necessary support network and resources enabling us to accomplish our mission. Join this dynamic community and become an active participant in promoting and protecting our city’s built heritage. Membership is not limited to Montrealers; we are quite thrilled to count among our members, residents from cities scattered throughout the world, including Chicago, Toronto, New York, Zurich, Paris and Quebec City! Register now to enjoy our rich and diversified programming, privileged access to our members’ only activities, and receiving information about our actions.

Our members benefit from many privileges. To see the complete list, click here.

Friend $50
Senior (65 +) $25
Student $25
Non-resident of Quebec $25

To activate or renew your membership, fill out the online form or contact us by telephone : 514 286-2662 (from 9am to 5pm).