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Our five principles of excellence in urban development

To contribute truly to Montreal’s heritage, a project has to meet our five principles:


  1. 1. Pertinence :  Relevance and validity of the project: response to collective needs; carrying capacity of the site from a symbolic, heritage, physical, social and functional perspective;
  2. 2. Respect for heritage and urban context : Five types of heritage: built, urban landscape, archeological, historical and natural; character and scale; compatibility of uses; contribution to “walkability” and urbanity;
  3. 3. Exemplary nature and credibility of the consultation and project development processes :  Relations with residents and other stakeholders; preliminary studies; independence and effectiveness of consultations;
  4. 4. Innovative aspects in concept and its implementation :  An innovative or creative solution to urban or heritage issues, potential to constitute an inspiring model for other sites;
  5. 5. Durability—sustainable contribution to Montreal’s heritage both now and in the future :  Anticipated impact of the project 25 years after completion and thereafter; contribution to heritage and quality of life in the city for future generations.