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Tours du bloc

Episodes 16 and 17 – Montreal’s Chinatown

Discover the heritage history of Montreal’s Chinatown. Our volunteer guide Laure invites you to explore this area and learn more about the heritage issues. Subtitles are available in French, English and Mandarin by clicking on the CC icon.

From Faubourg Saint-Laurent to Chinatown

Chinatown Heritage Issues

This capsule was produced with the support of Desjardins. Desjardins enriches the lives of people and communities by participating in the sustainable development of our home environment and by supporting value-added projects for the community. A specialized, multilingual team is there to welcome and guide you. In partnership with the In partnership with the Chinatown Working Group Montreal (CWG). Formed in 2019, Chinatown Working Group Montreal (CWG) is a collective of individuals and professionals from various fields, mainly of diverse Asian origins.